Weekly Tastings

Monday 6-8pm

Wine of the Week

Spirit of the Week


Tuesday 5-8pm

Saraziniere Macon Rouge           (Macon, France)

Pimm's No.1 Cup                

Wednesday 5-8pm

Spirit of the Week

Wine of the Week

Thursday 5-8pm

Wine Tasting

Friday 5-8pm

Leopold Bros. Gin

Leopold Bros. Aperitivo

Saturday 3-6pm

Kings County Distillers     (Brooklyn)


Chocolate Whiskey











BWE Members can call 718-855-9463 or email us to reserve seats once classes are posted.
Non-members can reserve seats by phone on day of class if still available. 

Wednesday 6/28 
Blind Tasting
with Tim Farrell

Don't miss one of the most entertaining classes of the year! "Blind tasting" is an excercise done by wine professionals and conniseurs to sharpen their ability to detect qualities that particular grapes or appellations exhibit in the glass. It is a wonderful way to get past your preconceptions about particular wines and trust your nose and taste buds to enlighten you. For the first flight of this class, BWE's Tim Farrell will lead you through a guided tasting (with crib notes) to explain to you what many look when trying to guess a wine. For the second flight, you are on your own, and prizes will be given to the winner! 

Saturday 7/1 at 4pm
Vermouth & Aromatized Wines
with Scott Henkle

BWE's spirits buyer Scott Henkle will lead a fabulous tasting to show that Vermouth is not just for martinis. He will be pouring a wide variety of styles from all over the world to show the different traditions and styles for aromatized wine from Italy, France, Spain, and more! 


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